Why iForward


iForward - the Wisconsin online school that is built around you.

Every student has their own story, strengths, learning habits, and personal circumstances. From bullying issues, to extended illness, or simply the desire for a more focused academic experience, the reasons that lead to a student's transition to an online elementary, middle or high school are many and varied.  Whatever your unique situation is, iForward is the answer to the challenges of a one-size-fits-all traditional classroom.

Getting your high school diploma online from iForward means you can go anywhere.  Whether your future path leads to a college education, a trade school, or something else, the education you'll receive here will prepare you to chase your dreams - you just get to do it online!

Our online learners succeed in so many ways, because we know what works. We were one of the first full-time virtual schools in Wisconsin, and iForward still leads the way today—with new career prep course offerings that help our Wisconsin online students focus their education and move one step closer to their dream career.

iForward is a free, public online school with over a decade of experience in online education.  We proudly serve Wisconsin students in grades K-12.

Is iForward the right school for you? There's only one way to find out.

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Questions about online school?  Call 1-715-463-4900 to speak to an iForward staff member or take a look at our FAQs.

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