iForward COVID-19 Update

iForward Extended School Closure Plan


iForward Public Online Charter School will continue to function in the event of a state-wide closure of onsite public educational institutions. Our current students will continue to receive academic instructions in their homes. Activities that involve physical student gatherings (ex: graduation, prom, school events) may be canceled to safeguard our students.

In the event of a state-wide required school closure, iForward has formulated a plan to accommodate additional students that may apply to iForward to school from home due to increasing safety measures that may occur within the on-site educational setting. 

Students accepted into iForward for health and safety concerns are still subject to iForward policies including truancy. Students not attending live classes and/or students failing over half of their classes will be issued an attendance and/or academic truancy per iForward attendance and academic performance standards complying with Wisconsin School Law, ACT 222. 

Students who are considering iForward should be aware that they are changing their school district. This is a long-term decision and should not be made lightly.