Music Club Info

Posted by Anna Westaby | Jan 17, 2019

Hey you! Yes, you. You should join Music of the Month Club!

When: TBD

Where: Music Club Jigsaw Room (email Mrs. Westaby for the link!)

Commonly asked questions:

What do we do in Music of the Month Club?

  • We do lots of different things, all pertaining to music.
  • We also share our favorite songs and artists, plan game nights & movie nights, host contests, and attend concerts! We have also been known to have a dance party now and then during meetings.
  • Some things we have done in the past: "Voice of iForward" karaoke contest, created an iForward Favorite Songs Medley, enjoyed a "Music of the Month" where we explored different artists & genres, hosted movie nights (Beauty and the Beast, La-La Land), planned & facilitated  music-related holiday games for winter-break kick-off.

Who can join Music of the Month Club?

  • Anyone! You do not need to play an instrument, sing, or dance. If you enjoy music, you are welcome.
  • This club is open to any iForward students in grades 6-12.

Do I have to attend all of every meeting?

  • No, we understand that people are busy. While you will get more out of Music Club the more often you attend, you certainly won't get kicked out for missing a meeting, coming late once in a while, or leaving early!

Do you have club officers?

  • Yes! We have a club President, Vice President, and Secretary
  • President - helps plan meetings, runs the meetings each week, attends club events
  • Vice President - helps plan meetings, runs the meeting if the President can't make it, attends club events
  • Secretary - takes attendance at each meeting, takes notes at each meeting, sends reminder emails, sends out the "minutes" and recording link after each meeting.