Why Online School Means Unlimited Access to Education

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Online school offers many benefits for students looking for a change of pace from traditional school settings. One of the greatest benefits of online school is unlimited access to education. Students at iForward have unlimited access to education in more ways than one!

  1. Classes. iForward offers classes in various subjects in order to help students choose classes that match their needs and interests. However, we cannot offer every class that students may want to take. The solution? We are part of a consortium of online schools. As a result, we have access to every online class in the country. If a student wants to take a class that iForward does not offer, we will find it!
  1. Course materials. Online education also means unlimited access to course materials. Recorded lectures, notes, and homework materials are at students’ fingertips 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Students have access to course materials when there is time in their busy schedules.
  1. Teachers. iForward’s teachers are accessible in many ways to their students. Whether it is through live lectures, email, phone, or instant messaging, our teachers are committed to supporting their students in any way possible.

Unlimited access to education is just one way more students can be successful in online education settings!