Uncovering the Parent Role in Online Education

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Students in traditional school settings with supportive and involved parents are more likely to be successful in school and beyond. For students in online school settings, the same is true. As a parent of an online education student, you should be prepared to provide the same amount of support, if not more.

Students who attend school online are more successful when they have motivation, a strong work ethic, and time management skills. These characteristics help students get their work done and claim their educations. Students who are lacking in one of these areas or younger students are two types of students that may require extra parental support on their paths to independence.

Your role in online education can include monitoring your student’s progress and communicating with your student’s teachers. You can also provide emotional and time-management support when they are studying and completing assignments. While each student needs a different level of support to be successful, the key to remember is that online learners need just as much parental support as traditional students. If you have questions or concerns about how you can support your student, do not hesitate to contact your students’ teachers for suggestions.