Student Stories - Riley

Students decide to enroll in an online charter school for many reasons, come from a diversity of backgrounds, and have all sorts of special interests and skills.  In this video, Riley, a 2017 graduate of iForward, shares his story.

Riley came to iForward by way of another online high school, joining us in the 2nd semester.  A talented athlete, Riley was able to spend time in Canada playing Junior A hockey while getting his education at the same time.  Riley's ability to juggle a full load of classes and homework with strength and conditioning training, practices, and hockey games was an outstanding example of the great things that our students can achieve!

One of the highlights that Riley mentions of his time at iForward include the interaction with his teachers and the opportunities that he had to give feedback and feel like he was heard.  In his words, "It makes you feel like you're actually cared for - your opinion matters in this school.  They want to hear what you think."  

Thanks, Riley, for the kind words, and we wish you continued success!

We love our students, and we strive to give them our best every day.  We hope you'll consider enrolling in our online school.  Feel free to call us with any questions!