School Supplies

A few days ago I went to Wal-Mart to see that school supplies and lists were out. It is crazy to think that it is that time of year again. Going to an online school you don't need many things, but you still need a few. 

I make sure to have a way to take notes. I use a notebook because I learn better when writing things down. Some people use Word, Notebook Online, or other online programs. I just would make sure that you have a way to take notes. 

I also get colored pens. You can get anything that you want to write with, but I love colored pens. I also remember better using color to write things down. It is a lot more fun to review the notes. 

I make sure to have a flash drive so I am able to back-up my computer. This is really important.

Lastly I get a microphone of some sort. I sometimes get a headset but I don't always like to wear those so then I normally switch to earbuds with a build in microphone. They both work well and don't need to be that pricey. The school computers have a built in microphone but the quality of an actual microphone is a lot better.

Last year, when I was in art, I also needed colored pencils. Every once in awhile for a certain class you may need a few extra things, but that is not very common.