From “At Risk” to “At Home”

Online education can be the education solution for many types of students with schedules and responsibilities that do not align with the structure of traditional schools. Online learning is also a realistic option for students who are unhappy or struggling in their current school settings.

Whether the school environment, teachers, social atmosphere, course material, or another aspect of traditional school is keeping you from being the best student you can be, iForward can be just the change you need to succeed. For students of all different backgrounds and experiences, iForward provides a safe and supportive online learning environment. We have helped dozens of struggling students in Wisconsin graduate from high school.

What can students and parents expect from iForward?

  • Personalized academics- work with our counselors to meet your graduation requirements and take classes to prepare you for your future path
  • Supportive teachers- dedicated teachers follow our “students first” philosophy and are available to help students with questions and course material during live class sessions, as well as over email and instant messaging
  • Peer relationships- in addition to classes, students have opportunities to form peer relationships and get engaged in the school community through extracurricular activities
  • Parent involvement- parents are encouraged to be involved in their students’ progress by contacting teachers with questions, attending online conferences, and monitoring student progress online

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