Madeline - iForward student

Hello! My name is Madeline Zittlow. I’m in the 9th grade and this is my first year at iForward. I’m in a few clubs and am an active member of the Student Council. I also have a job at the school. I work with Margery on the Facebook page as the Assistant Editor. Out of all the options I’ve had, I’d say this is the best school I’ve been to.

I love the way classes and homework work here. I have regular classes, but I also do my homework and further learning independently. That way, I get to have a schedule and structure, but still have a good amount of independence. My teachers are wonderful too. They’re always willing to help.

I also learned more about myself after attending this school. I have a lot of choice in what classes I can take and which clubs I can join. I also have more time for my family and hobbies. In my old brick and mortar school, it was hard to maintain good grades while having a life outside school. Here, I’ve struck a good balance.

Put simply, I love it here at iForward!