iForward Staff visits Kennedy Space Center in Florida


Four iForward staff members, Constance Quade, Erik Benson, Mary Hoffman, and Michelle Uetz, enjoyed time in Florida in July.  They were invited to attend the launch of the Dragon Rocket that was sent to the International Space Station to provide the astronauts there with needed supplies.  In addition to the supplies, the rocket held the experiment designed by a group of iForward students for the Student Spaceflight Experiment Program (SSEP).

As often happens the original date of the launch was pushed back.  The actual launch occurred four days later than originally scheduled. Two of the four staff were able to stay and enjoyed seeing the launch. While in Florida, Constance, Erik, Mary, and Michelle explored the area in order to plan a trip with students in the future.  During their time at the Kennedy Space Center they learned more about NASA, and experienced the unbelievable exhibits. They also learned about alligators, and enjoyed the Cocoa Beach area.