Hybrid High School: Mixing Mainstream + Modern Day Education

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Choice and personalization are two key words in online high school education, especially at iForward. Students have choices when it comes to determining classes and paths to prepare for their futures. Students can also personalize their educations to match their personal situations and needs. This makes iForward a great option for many types of students.

iForward’s free online public high school has been an educational solution for students who cannot attend or choose not to attend traditional mainstream schools. iForward is also a solution for students who do not want to entirely give up the mainstream school experience.

Since we are chartered through the Grantsburg School District, many students in the district have chosen to take a portion of their credits through iForward’s virtual high school and diminish their classroom time as a result. Combining mainstream school and modern day online education has been a solution for many types of students, including those with work or family commitments or those interested in classes Grantsburg does not offer.

As online education continues to gain popularity in modern day, there continue to be new ways to offer choices and personalize education to fit the needs of every student. For more information about iForward and the choices and personalization we can offer, contact us today!