Computer back-up

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With the school year starting “soon” again I personally like to clean-up and back-up my computer. I make one overall folder for each school year and put each class folder into the main one. I also put anything into this folder from this school year. This makes it easier to find documents, projects, papers, pictures, and so on later if I need it. I then also save this all to a flash drive, just to be safe! This gets my computer ready for the new school year.

            This year I got a new computer! Although I loved my old computer, after five years it was time for me to get a new one. After I completed the process above on my old computer, I needed to transfer everything onto my new school computer. I like to have all of my work in one place. Where I look on my desktop there it is so although I didn’t need to I put all of my past years onto my new computer. 

~Margery Q.