3 Advantages to Enrolling in Summer

July is upon us, and summer is in full swing!  We know that whether you're a student or a parent, you've probably got a lot going on: summer sports, time spent with friends, family outings, 4th of July fireworks - the list goes on.

With all of these activities happening, enrolling in online high school or middle school might not be top of mind.  However, the summer months are actually an excellent time to consider making the switch to iForward.  Here are three reasons that a summer enrollment can help you get ahead:

1.  It facilitates a smooth transition.

Getting a high school diploma online through iForward offers many benefits, including: the ability to learn from anywhere; an extensive course catalog that allows you to create a custom learning plan to meet graduation requirements, develop your interests, and get a jump-start on college with AP coursework; a top-notch teaching staff; and a vibrant student community. 

With that said, there are still a few details to hammer out: nailing down your schedule; figuring out a study routine; setting up your technology for online learning; working with your home district if you still want to play sports, etc.  In our experience, it is a big plus to get things like this squared away in the summer so that you can hit the ground running when the school year begins.  

2.  It minimizes stress.

If you're considering making the switch to online school after the school year starts, don't worry - our caring and experienced team that can help you make that change and get caught up.  Still, enrolling in the summer can give you some room to breathe, leaving you confident and relaxed for the year ahead.  

3.  It allows you to take advantage of available resources.

iForward has been helping students excel in an online learning environment for a long time.  Along the way, we've seen just about every possible situation that you can think of, which means that our team has the knowledge to help you, no matter what your unique situation might be.  In addition, all iForward students are paired with a Student Adviser to help them navigate the academic waters and stay on track for graduation. 

Enjoy the rest of the summer!  Before you head back out into the sunshine, we hope that you will contact us.  If you have questions, request information; or, if you're ready to experience what iForward has to offer, apply now!  See you in the fall!