Apply Now for 4th Quarter - Deadline is March 21!

You're just two easy steps away from enrolling at iForward for Quarter 4 of the 2020-21 school year! 


We are currently accepting students in Grades K-10 for 4th quarter.


  1. For all grades, fill out the first Application form (2020-21 Application).  On the application's 2nd page, please include a brief explanation stating why you have decided to enroll in online school.  It is required by the state.
  2. For grades 6-10, fill out the second form (2020-21 Grades 6-12 Registration Form) and for Grades K-5 fill out the third document (2020-21 Grades K-5 Registration Form).

Just click the link for the two documents you need below, fill them out, and save them to your desktop.  Email Vicky [ ], and attach both documents.  If it is more convenience to fax, our fax number is 715-463-6677.

We look forward to a quick phone conversation once we have processed your application.  An iForward staff member will be contacting you to discuss how we can best serve the needs of your student and help the enrollment process go as smoothly as possible.

Please note:  the deadline for 4th quarter applications is March 21.  


Open Enrollment Coordinator -, 715-463-4905

Open Enrollment Assistant – Becky.Weiss@iforwardwisconsin.com715-431-1119 

Student Services -, 715-463-4900